Al Shams Collection-2022 – New Launch

New Launch

Wall 300X900 MM
Floor 800×800 MM

Al Shams Platinum
Create a world of your own with Alshams Platinum

MATEX-Display Itlas-Display
MATEX – Matt – Display ITLAS – Matt – Display
 ALIANE – Matt – Display OLYMPIA – Matt – Display
FIORA – Display DISENIA – Matt – Display

Al-shams product portfolio dignified with a wide range of colors, sizes and finishes, open unlimited creative opportunities for both architects and homeowners. Due to finest quality of raw materials and advanced technology, “AL-Shams” product basket has become superior to cater all kind of market requirements

The luxury collection that leads the way into a new era of tiling

Al Shams Collection-2021

PLATTE-19R198214 CONCEPT-19R1894
PLATTE – 30×60-R –  Highlighter Bathroom CONCEPT – 30×60-R –   Wall Room – Light
FOLK26HT2194 RIBACO147124
FOLK – 50x50HT –   Floor Outdoor RIBACO –  45x45HT -Floor Outdoor
PINCH-19R0546-Display PINCH-BHL
PINCH -30×60-R – Wall
PINCH – 30×60-R – Wall


Al Shams “Stone- Art” Collection-2020

BRIAN GREY & ROSA – 50x50HT –   Floor  Outdoor ALEX BROWN & GREY – 50x50HT –   Floor  Outdoor
CALEB ROSA & GREY – 50x50HT –      Floor Outdoor DESMOND GREY & MULTI –   50x50HT -Floor Outdoor
Floor Outdoor
Floor Outdoor
REZA – 30×60 – Wall Elevation MASIS & RIPLEY – 30×60 – Wall Elevation
ABELA & ALICIA 30×60 Wall Elevation


Big 5 Show, Dubai – November 2017

Al Anwar Ceramics participated in the largest and most visited building material show in Middle, Big 5 held in WTC, Dubai in Nov 2017.

More 100 new products from various categories were introduced by Al Anwar Ceramics during this show. The new ranges include Hexagonal Tiles, Large Format Outdoor tiles and tiles for kitchen splash-back.