Cool Tiles

Cool tiles are the perfect solution for those who want to bring down the temperature of their residential or commercial spaces during the hot summer months. Al Shams Cool tiles are designed with innovative technology to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat, making them an energy-efficient alternative to traditional roofing materials. These tiles come with the added advantage of matt finish that makes them a worry-free option for outdoor areas.


Whether you live in a tropical climate or a dry desert region, cool tiles can help you reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills. These tiles can be utilised on roofs, terraces and open flooring spaces such as verandahs. Made from durable ceramic material, they are robust, resistant to wear and tear and will last for many years.


Cool roof tiles are available in a soothing white colour and Light Beige that helps reflect sunlight. These tiles are available in size – 300x300mm (1×1 feet 9mm). Cool tiles can be used in various spaces such as residences, commercial spaces and industrial facilities.

Solar Reflectance Index value of Alshams cool tiles is one of the best in the market (Around 115 for white cool tiles as per ASTM E 1980:01). Solar reflectance Index (SRI) is an indicator of the ability of a roof surface to return solar energy to the atmosphere, it’s a calculated value that combines solar reflectance and thermal emittance into one number. Higher SRI value can enhance building occupant comfort and reduce air conditioning use. Cool-tile


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