Company Established

Commercial Production with a daily capacity of 6000 SQM

Establishment of third fire plant

Plant #2 Commissioned

HM Cup for Best Factory in Oman

First ISO certification

Plant #3 Commissioned

Establishment of Qualitron, Comprehensive surface quality control technology.

Plant 4 Commissioned

Installation of High Definition Digital Printing Technology

Launch 60X60Cm Floor Tiles, First in Oman

Plant 5 Commissioned, production capacity reached greater than 50k SQM per day

Rectification Line Commissioned, First in Oman

New wall tiles “deluxe collections”, a graceful adaption of punch highlighters and pattern to decorate wall of all shapes and sizes. Each and every product in this series are picked tastefully to render charm and elegance to walls.

Setup 2nd rectification line.

The first company to receive “SASO” Quality mark accreditation in the region of Oman among ceramic manufacturers.